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Gospodarstwo Rolno-Szkółkarskielogo_Grupa_Kapis
Wojciech Kapias



Kapias Group is a family business built on solid foundations: tradition, experience and determination to take on new challenges, which has been present in the agriculture and gardening sector for five generations.

The key member of the Group is Kapias Farm founded in the 19th century whose current business profile has been shaped over the last dozens of years. The farm currently occupies an area of 22 ha, 17 ha of which are occupied by a nursery. Most of this area is taken by container and ground nurseries. The remaining area is occupied by gardens and nurseries for mother plants. There is also a logistics sector which includes warehouses, squares, etc.

At the present moment, we grow several hundred species and varieties of ornamental plants with diverse parameters (from seeds to mature plants). A vast majority of our plants are grown in containers which makes them accessible throughout most of the year regardless of the weather. One of our most important products are plants for urban open space – groundcover and avenue plants, trees, etc. In addition, we continue to expand the range of available products to meet even the most sophisticated needs.

We strive to procure the most advanced machinery and equipment for our farm, we cooperate with research centres and consultants, we share experience with other nurserymen and analyse the opinions and comments of our customers. With the addition of the professional attitude of our personnel, we are able to take advantage of the most advanced production technology and continuously raise our standards of production and customer service.

zwiazek We are a long-time member of the Polish Nurserymen Association which additionally motivates us to further intensify the production on our farm.

Every year we take part in national and international branch-specific exhibitions. Our booths have been recognised for their arrangement and quality of presented products.

Our plants find their way to customers in Poland and abroad.

Gardening services form another rapidly developing branch of business of Kapias Group. When it comes to green space development, we offer end-to-end service, from development of a design to implementation and broadly understood maintenance. For more information go to:

                                                                                                                                                                              Wojciech Kapias

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