Grupa Kapias – Gospodarstwo Rolno-Szkółkarskie Wojciech Kapias
PL, 43-230 Goczałkowice-Zdrój, ul. Główna 124
pon.-pt. 7-16, sob. 7-12
  • Polski
  • Čeština
  • Slovenčina
  • Русский

Grupa Kapias - punkt sprzedaży

The prices listed are wholesale net prices.

Wholesale customers can count on discounts depending on the volume of their purchase (from 5% to 25 %). We also hold promotional actions.


We accept payments in cash. In case of regular customers who pay on time we can arrange for a later payment. Customers can also pay by card. In case of payments in foreign currencies (€, $), we apply an exchange rate of NBP as on the day of issue of relevant document.





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